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HCmobi Limited is dedicated to provide Health Care Mobile Solution for Senior citizens and has long delighted experiences by offering a wide range of unique devices across all categories: Basic senior phones, Multimedia senior phones, Smart senior phone and Wearable devices!

Our designers choose the best materials and color combinations, product engineers work on the software package and customization, while the quality control department examines the quality throughout the entire manufacturing process to minimize product malfunctions. Finally, After-sales engineer is responsible for customer support.

In our facilities in Shenzhen,we manufacture……




In our facilities in Shenzhen, we manufacture all mobile devices using strict quality control procedures through the overall supply chain and whole production process, ensuring our customers a high-quality product they can depend on. All products have been certified by CE/FCC and complied with RoHS as well. Such top-quality mobile devices which make life a lot easier!


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